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The Cool Ones Soundtrack
LP - 1967 - Warner Brothers
Songlist Unknown

Mrs.Miller's performance of "It's Magic" is suspected, along with: "The Cool Ones", "A BadWoman's Love", "Whiz Bam Opener", "This Town", "Up Your Totem Pole with Love", "Tantrum", "Where Did I Go Wrong?", and "High" by Petula Clark. But all of this is mere hearsay.

"Cool Ones" Album Cover
Have you found a RARE or LOST Mrs.Miller artifact? TELL US!
Mrs.Miller makes her feature film acting debut in this unforgettable rock n' roll adventure.

The existence of this LP is mere rumor and hearsay, as it has never actually been seen. The Elva Miller Historical Society has conducted extensive searches for the lost soundtrack album, however we have only happened upon vague references to the actual LP. The above photo is THE cover, which was found in The Cool Ones presskit. The presskit also mentions an open-interview disc, which features prerecorded interviews with Roddy McDowall, Debbie Watson, Mrs.Miller, and Nita Talbot.

Liner Notes:


The Film:

"Cool Ones" Movie Poster The Cool Ones
95 min, color - 1967 - Warner Bros.
Starring: Roddy McDowall, Debbie Watson, Gil Peterson, Mrs. Miller, Glenn Campbell
Directed by: Gene Nelson

This musical comedy pokes fun at the music industry as it tells of the romantic travails of two popular singers thrust together by an ingenious promoter/matchmaker as a publicity stunt. The young male needs to revive his flagging career while the female singer is trying to get her big break; so both of them reluctantly go along with their manager's harebrained scheme. You can guess what happens next.

Mrs.Miller appears as 'Mrs.Miller', the wardrobe woman on the teen rock show 'Whiz Bang', in an unforgettable acting tour de force.
When vivacious teen sensation Hallie Rodgers (Debbie Watson) makes a break for fame, she gets encouragement from wardrobe woman Mrs. Miller (Mrs.Miller), who has had her own dreams of stardom for 30 years.
Mrs. Miller performs the song "It's Magic" before the grand finale of the film, when Hallie and pop comeback Cliff Donner (Gil Peterson), learn that love for each other is more groovy than stardom.

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Mrs. Miller sings:
"It's Magic" in the film
The Cool Ones
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