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Not In Claremont

Grandma's Gone "Downtown"

Mrs. Miller fan clubs have been organized in the East and top television stations are seeking her appearance on network variety shows.

This past weekend, Mrs. Miller flew by jet to Honolulu for a personal appearance, press parties and an interview with the top disc jockey in the islands.

Mrs. Miller was greeted in Honolulu by cute, sparsely clad gals carrying posters of welcome and was afforded a warm reception during her stay.

She pleased her hosts at an autograph party by donning her glasses and singing "Downtown," the only one of her songs which the combo present knew how to play.

"The grandmother sometimes has trouble remembering the words to certain of her selections." But this doesn't bother her too much- she just whistles the melody for a while.

Whistling, in fact, is one of Mrs. Miller's tricks of success. She "warms up for whistling" by filling her mouth with ice. Her theory of using ice, she explains, is to achieve utmost pitch.The skin, Mrs. Miller feels, expands and contracts depending on heat and cold. Therefore the pitch can be better controlled in this manner.

Until just a few months ago, Mrs. Miller was known only to other members in the Foothill Drama and Choral Society where, for many years, she had been a mainstay of the group. Her family had recently asked her to stop singing in public as the strain was too much. But her husband felt that everyone should have an outlet, so he underwrote the cost of her first record-cutting sessions. It was during one of her recording sessions at Capitol Records studio in Hollywood that Mrs. Miller was discovered and introduced to a company producer who immediately signed her to a contract.

Several months and many sessions later, the album Mrs. Miller's Greatest Hits was completed. The collection of current hits is snug in the manner that only this new star can sing them. She has a sound and style all her own. The positive reaction to the album has been so strong that, within 48 hours, the initial pressing of 50,000 albums was sold out and a second 100,000 albums ordered.

In addition to the popular "Downtown," the album includes "The Shadow of Your Smile," "A Hard Day's Night," "Dear Heart," "Chim Chim Cher-ee," "Catch A Falling Star" and "Gonna Be Like That," an original tune.
Although she did very little professional singing as a younger woman, Mrs. Miller has always been interested in music and studied voice for seven years.

With the "Miller Sound" taking over the airways, Claremont can add one more name to its list of "celebrated residents"- Elva Miller.

We just hope that we meet her soon.




According to press releases and record sales, Mrs. Elva Miller of Claremont is the most exciting singing sensation since the Beatles. One thing for sure - she's the most evasive performer from the local area we've tried to tag. Therefore, we are depending on friends in Honolulu and New York to keep us posted on the talented "toast of Claremont."

In just a few days since its release, Mrs. Miller's Greatest Hits has become the most-talked about and played album in America. Stations throughout the country are giving the record excellent coverage.

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