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Will Success Spoil Mrs. Miller_!


Will Success Spoil Mrs. Miller?!

1966 - LP - Capitol Records

Side One
1) Strangers In The Night
2) Bill Bailey, Won't You Please Come Home?
3) Somewhere, My Love
4) A Groovy Kind of Love
5) Melody
6) The Girl From Ipanema

Side Two
1) Yellow Submarine
2) Every Little Moment
3) Moon River
4) Second Hand Rose
5) Sweet Pea
6) Monday, Monday

Mrs. Miller's second album with Capitol Records.

Liner Notes

Well, gang, a lot of keen things have happened since the innovation of Mrs.Miller's Greatest Hits. For instance, the singing sensation from Claremont, California, received stardom on the Ed Sullivan Show... drew raves on stage in Lake Tahoe... made mucho guest appearances in TV shows and motion pictures... Lended her voice to scads of commercials... composed her first song, "Melody," which she introduces here... and has become the darling of thousands of frenetic fan clubs throughout the world (and many other places, too).

In becoming the Earth's most instant international favorite, the question naturally springs up: Will Success Spoil Mrs. Miller? Of course not. Mrs. Miller could not be spoiled because:

(a) She knows a good preservative.
(b) Is as good as gold.
(c) Is as wonderful as Mom and Apple Pie.
All of the above are correct.

If you are not, for some reason, the proud possessor of her first hit album, here are the basic insegrevious facts you should have on the new "Miller Sound."

• Mrs. Elva Miller is a kindly housewife from a little town in Kansas who moved to a little town in California.
• She has brought whistling back into the recording game.
• Owns a vibrato that has shaken several continents.
• In real life, performs her recording sessions with Fred Bock and Lex de Azovedo (pronounced Lex) who first put her on disc at Capitol.
• While in a posh Hollywood restaurant, took her recent success with a grain of salt.
• Has pondered the suggestion that she put her voice in cement in front of Grauman's Chinese Theater.

I'm sure you will find this album equally as fascinating as the first. As Martin Bernheimer, the noted music critic for the Los Angeles Times told me: "Gary, Mrs. Miller is in a class all by herself."

I first met the charming Mrs. Miller some four years ago at radio station KMPC in Hollywood, when she sang the station's jingles for me... inside out! She soon became a popular favorite on the station... so naturally, I was very pleased when a famous record company also realized her abilities and put out an album displaying same.
Y'know, I'll never forget one brisk October evening in Los Angeles.*



*The brisk October evening Mr. Owens refers to, was when he fell asleep during a speech he was making.

Mrs Miller (Revisted).png


Mrs. Miller (Revisited)

1966 - Promotional LP - Capitol Records

Side One
1) Interview
2) Second Hand Rose
3) Interview

Side Two

1) Programming Aids


This record was intended to be used by local disc jockeys to stage a fake interview with Mrs. Miller, by reading prepared questions between Elva's responses.

Capitol Pops for Novermber '66.png


Capitol Pops for November '66!

1966 - Promotional LP - Capitol Records

Side One

1) Desafinado - Howard Roberts
2) Think Beautiful - Peggy Lee
3) Sweet Talkin' Hannah - Matt Monro
4) Frenesi - Mexican Golden Violins
5) High Flying Love - The Four Amigos
6) Strangers In The Night - Mrs. Miller

Side Two
1) Theme From "The Bible - David Rose
2) An Empty Glass - Peggy Lee
3) Here's To My Lady - Matt Monro
4) It Was a Very Good Year - Howard Roberts
5) I Who Have Nothing - Liza Minelli
6) Am I Blue - Manne/Marshall



Mrs. Miller's "Strangers in the Night" fits well among the legendary performances of Liza Minnelli and the timeless Hollywood "theme" classics of the unforgetable David Rose.

Liner Notes

The tracks in this specially prepared album have been ARRANGED IN A SEQUENCE which will enable you to program the selections ONE AFTER THE OTHER in the order produced on this LP. In other words, INSTANT PROGRAMMING from the FIRST THROUGH THE LAST track. Side one designed for middle-of-the-road good-music programming, side two for EASY LISTENING.

The phenomenal Mrs. Miller's second album asks the "musical" question, "Will Success Spoil Mrs.Miller?" It's doubtful: "Second Hand Rose," "Yellow Submarine," "Strangers in the Night," "Every Little Movement"...

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