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Mrs. Miller Does Her Thing

1968 - LP - Amaret Records

Side One

1) Renaissance of Smut
2) Up, Up, and Away
3) Anything Goes
4) Green Tambourine
5) Tiptoe Though the Tulips

Side Two
1) Green Thumb
2) The Roach
3) I Sleep Easier Now
4) My Pet
5) Mary Jane
6) Granny Bopper

Released amid the furry of late sixties drug culture, this final major label release was produced by the legendary record producer Mike Curb. 

Liner Notes

Mrs. Miller is an experience that should happen to everyone once. We don't mean just seeing or hearing Mrs. Miller. We mean being a Mrs. Miller, and having that elusive, magic chance we all dream about. The chance to do your own thing, whatever it may be. Mrs. Miller's thing is singing. Singing her heart out. And it's all she's ever wanted to do.

Go back a few years. Singing was still her thing, but there was no one to listen. Success in the music world was limited to a chosen few. Beautflul people who looked just right or sounded just right and always seemed as though they'd just come from a refreshing dip in a vat of plastic.

Things are different now. In the mid sixties, a chain reaction of mind-blowing and time-changing young musicians began to explode all over the world. They were open, honest and real. And their communication with their audiences was both instantaneous and permanent. Suddenly, the lamination process was over. Music was no longer a spectator sport. It was a game the whole family could play.

Five years ago, Mrs. Miller's success couldn't have happened, and it's a compliment to our times that it can now. That she can get up on a stage or stand in front of a recording studio microphone and let it all hang out without being afraid or uptight about what she has to offer.

What she has to offer is herself, and she offers same on this album. In her own inimitable style, she socks a selection of songs to you. Songs that are somtimes funny, sometimes hip, and sometimes both.

In other words, she does her own thing. Don't you wish everybody would?

Up Up and Away.png


Up, Up, and Away / Green Thumb

1968 - 45 Single - Amaret Records

Side One
1) Up, Up, and Away

Side Two
1) Green Thumb

I've Gotta Be Me.png


I've Gotta Be Me / Renaissance of Smut

1968 - 45 Single - Amaret Records

Side One

1) I've Gotta Be Me

Side Two
1) Renaissance of Smut

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