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The Week End Of A Private Secretary / I Said 'No'

1971 - 45 single - Mrs. Miller Records

Side One
1) The Week End Of A Private Secretary 

Side Two
1) I Said 'No'


She Had To Go And Lose It At The Astor v


She Had To Go And Lose It At The Astor / Ma (He's Making Eyes At Me)

1971 - 45 single - Mrs. Miller Records

Side One
1) She Had To Go And Lose It At The Astor

Side Two
1) Ma (He's Making Eyes At Me)

After releasing four full albums on two major record labels, Mrs. Miller broke from the record industry to go out on her own. Starting her own record company- Mrs.Miller Records, she began to explore music on her own terms. These two 45s demonstrate the maturity and refinement of Elva's later work. Reflecting the fading idealism of the sixties upon the transition to a new decade, Mrs. Miller provides some striking reworkings of music from the past. Moving beyond flashy commercial hits, this was Mrs. Miller exploring new ground.

Liner Notes

Since America is becoming increasingly aware of its heritage, today it is consciously looking back upon an era that gave it the swinging sound of the big dance band... a sophisticated growth of the earlier American jazz.

In making these two single records, we are joining those who are renewing this sound. Both those who remember the big band sound and those who more recently have discovered it are delighted with its heritage.

Today as we listen to this music of the recent past, we listen and it gives us more deep-felt appreciation. Now we can be objective. We hear a deep, rich quality in the sound. We recognize the inventiveness of the talent responsible for the creation of this music as played by the big bands.

The music on these two singles was played by a select band handpicked by arranger-conductor Benny Carter to arrive at just such a sound.Benny Carter is a solid example of the era of the big band sound. As a young musician Benny Carter began playing saxophone with small jazz combos. Steadily he grew musically into the bigger jazz and dance bands where he became better known as an arranger. After having built and proved his own band he moved on to Hollywood - his permanent home - where he has made his greatest musical accomplishments in movie studio and recording work.

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