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The Country Soul of Mrs. Miller

1967 - LP - Capitol Records

Side One

1) I've Got a Tiger by the Tail
2) There Goes My Everything
3) Memphis
4) A Little Bitty Tear
5) My The Bird of Paradise Fly Up Your Nose
6) Misty Blue

Side Two

1) Ohh, Lonesome Me
2) Shutters and Boards
3) This Ole House
4) Act Naturally
5) Waitin' In Your Welfare Line


Mrs. Miller experiments with style and form in this historical cross-genre journey into the roots of America's beloved country music. This is Mrs.Miller's final album with producer Lex de Azevedo and musical director Fred Block, as well as with Capitol Records.

Liner Notes

There was a time when the worlds of pop and country music were sharply divided, and few singers ventured from one into another. Today, stars like Dean Martin, Jo Stafford, John Gary, and Al Martino sing both popular and country songs with ease and charm and skill. It is, however, not without concern that a record company permits a star, firmly established in one field, to make his or her entry into another. Conferences are held, merchandising experts consulted, sales figures projected, fresh flowers placed in front of small vinyl likenesses of Herb Alpert and the Beatles.

None of this was necessary when Mrs. Elva Miller expressed a wish to record an album of country songs. True enough, Mrs. Miller's other successes have all been with popular music. Yet it has been obvious from the beginning that this delightful lady's talent covers all fields. The warmth and naturalness that Mrs. Miller brings to her art have a universal appeal that would surely be suitable to almost any vocal form.

For country music, however, she has some good qualifications. It is widely known that Mrs. Miller, when not following her career, is a housewife in Claremont, California. It may be somewhat less well known that Mrs. Miller was born in Joplin, Missouri, on the edge of the Ozarks, and brought up on a farm near Dodge City, Kansas, onetime wild and rowdy cowtown of the Old West, where there was much appreciation of both country and western music. She grew up steeped with an affection for this kind of music, second only to her fondness for gospel music, and the equal of her appreciation for the popular songs she loves so well.

This early interest certainly shows here, and it seems certain that this album will reach many who have been slow in their appreciation for country music. For Mrs. Miller brings to this medium a breath- more accurately, perhaps, a gale- of fresh air, just as she has brought to all of popular music a new and very personal and almost indefinably wonderful spirit of enjoyment. It is with very special fondness, therefore, that we commend to you this album of songs by a lady who has rightly won an unprecedented place in the hearts of listeners everywhere- an album of songs enhanced by THE COUNTRY SOUL OF MRS. MILLER.

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